Saturday, 13 September 2008

Birthday Book

Here's another that I did for Bubbly Funk

It's a birthday book with pockets to put the cards in and each month has a mini address book tucked into the top.

Please comment here if you download.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Perpetual Calendar

The November kit instructions for Bubbly Funk, this is a cute little perpetual calendar.

The instructions are HERE - please leave a comment here if you download.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Halloween Chest and Mini book

I made this for another Bubbly Funk kit last year. I searched the internet for instructions to make a chest but couldn't find any so I had to have a go myself.

HERE is the PDF with the instructions.

Please post a comment if you download....thanks.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Go Wild Mini Book

Another Bubbly Funk design team project. I loved making this mini book, I hope you do too. I used Velvet papers and has a gorgeous feel to it and really suited the subject.

Download the PDF HERE.

Please leave me a comment on here if you download.

Travel Keepsakes Journal

This travel keepsakes journal made for Bubbly Funk uses paper bags, 1 for each day of the week.

Download the PDF HERE and please leave a comment if you do download.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Semi Circular Pop Out Mini Book

Ok I'm going to try something new here.

I have pdf's of most of the things I have made as I did them all for Bubbly Funk and that is how they were supplied in the monthly kits.

I'm going to pop a link on here to the 4shared site that will hopefully enable you to download the pdf.

Here's a pic of the Mini Book for you......and HERE is the link to the pdf with full instructions.

Let me know if it works eh?? :-)

Christmas Planner



1/ Cut a piece of velvet paper 8” x 6“ (203mm x 152.5mm)

2/ Take chipboard letters spelling the word “planner”, ink the edge and cover with the felt.

3/ Cut the word “XMAS” from the vellum. The example uses Impact Bold 255pt.

4/ Decorate a chipboard embellishment.
Here a holly embellishment was painted with twinkling watercolour paints.

5/ Punch 3 holes along one edge to take the book rings.
Stick the bottom of the word XMAS with DST.

6/ Secure the top of the word XMAS with the eyelets.

7/ Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 8” x 6” (203mm x 152.5mm) and ink around the edges.

Glue the velvet decorated panel to the chipboard.

8/ Stick down the letters p, a, n and r.
Stick them along the bottom of the word XMAS so they cover the DST used previously.

9/ Stick the letters l, n and e on top to form the word planner.

10/ Add the chosen decorated embellishment.

11/ This is optional, you may want to tie you planner shut with ribbon. If so, on the inside of the front cover glue a generous piece of ribbon down the centre.

12/ Glue patterned paper to the inside of the cover and hide the ribbon.

13/ Make up a gusseted pocket with a sheet of the vellum.

14/ Attach a strip of printed cardstock to the front with a couple of brads and poke the flap behind to hold it in place.

15-16/ Cut a piece of maroon card to 8” x 6” (203mm x 152.5mm).
Decorate the page as desired.
On the example, hand vellum letters have been used, patterned paper and finished with decorated chipboard embellishments.
Punch 3 holes for the bookrings.

17/ Make up a total of 6 sheets the same way.
Words for the sections are:

18/ Cut a further piece of velvet paper for the back cover and glue to the 2nd piece of chipboard cut earlier.
Attach the ribbon and cover the inside as before and decorate the back cover as desired.

19/ Glue the receipts folder to the inside of the front cover so when you open the cover it is facing you the right way up.

20/ Cut sheets of white paper or card to 7.7/8” x 5.7/8” (200mm x 149mm).
Print the desired number of pages from the TEMPLATES (found here) Please leave a comment if you download :-)
Punch 3 holes for the book rings.
Use the snowman acrylic stamp for a border on the pages.