Friday, 13 April 2007

1/. "Something About That Face" mini book

First up is the mini book I made for a cyber crop class on Scrapstars This is the first ever class I'd written so I was a bit nervous about it.

Supply list:

Thick card – at least a couple of A4 pieces

7 sheets of cardstock (I’ve used Bazzill) 2 of one colour for the front and back covers and 4 of a contrasting colour for the inner pages and 1 for the tags (the same colour as the covers).

Patterned paper of your choice for decorating (I used roughly 6 sheets of 12” x 12”)

Various embellishments of your choice, I have used: chipboard letters, brads, eyelets, ric rac, ribbon, leather strips, beads, Safmat for rub-ons etc.

7 photos approx 3 ½” x 5” and the same photos again 1 ¼” x 1 ¾ ”

Paints or paper to decorate chipboard shapes

I’ve used pictures of hubby but you could easily adapt this to pictures of your children showing their different moods or a page for each member of your family etc etc.

1/. Cut 2 pieces of thick card 5” x 6” and 2 pieces 1” x 6”.

2/. Cut 2 pieces of Bazzill for the front and back covers 7 ⅝ “ x 7” and mark ¾” in all round.

3/. Glue one 1” x 6” and one 5” x 6” board onto the reverse of the Bazzill so there is an ⅛” gap between the two pieces. Fold in the corners diagonally and glue. Fold in each of the four sides and glue. Do this with both covers.

4/. Cut the pieces of contrasting Bazzill in half to make eight 12” x 6” pieces. Score and fold 7 of them 1” in from each end and then open out again. Score and fold in half to make 6” x 6” (Don’t cut them in half). Cut the final 6” x 12” piece to approx. 5 ⅞” square.

5/. Open the pieces out again and cut a piece out approx. 3” x 1” as shown on the left hand side of the Bazzill as you look at the good side.

Cut 7 tags from the Bazzill (the same as the cover) 3 ⅝ “ x 5 ⅜”.

Decorate your tags as you wish. I have used a quote or saying on one side of mine and some personal journaling on the other. You could name dates and places of where the photo was taken for example.

6/. Ink the edges of all the pieces if desired.

7/. Decorate the front and back covers. (As you have not covered the insides yet, feel free to use brads or anything else that pierces right through the cover).

The corners are really thick card and painted to look like metal.

8/. Decorate the inner pages but remember that the picture you place on the right hand side will not end up next to the text on the left hand side.

I have sanded the edges of the photos and papers to give a slightly distressed look and cut pieces of chipboard and covered with card and brads. I’ve also used lots of ric rac and eyelets.

9/. Decorate the inside front and back covers and glue them to the insides of your covers.

10/ You can now start constructing the mini book. Turn your 12” x 6” inner pages over and put some double sided tape or glue along the side and bottom edge. Fold over at the crease and stick down. Do this with all the 12” x 6” pages.

11/. Cut 7 pieces of thick card approx. ⅞”x 5 ⅞” and ink round the edges

12/. Punch 2 holes in the card strips, the 1” flap on the inner pages and the front and back covers. Insert a strip of card between the two 1” flaps on each of your inner pages and glue in. Then glue your inner pages together along the 1” flap.

13/. Cut a piece of card 6” long x approx 2 ½” wide. Measure across the width of your newly created spine and score your card to fold around it. Punch holes, wrap around your spine and glue to the inner pages.

14/. Glue your front and back covers on, insert a piece of leather through the holes, add some beads to join the leather together and decorate. Insert your decorated tags.

Pictures of the finished book

© Copyright Di Oliver for Scrapstars


Rosie said...

FABULOUS Di! Another great blog to add to my faves xx

Rachel Whetzel said...

Love that you are doing this! An off topic Q for you... how do you get that little copyright c on your page?

Di said...

Thanks for your lovely feedback ladies.

Rachel, I had originally written the class in Microsoft Word and I had inserted the c from the Insert, Symbol, option. I then copied and pasted the class into the blog.

Cath said...

I have added this blog to my favorites list. I just love the book.

Kaz said...

Wow Di this is great. Lovely Blue Peter step by steps, I'm adding it to my to do list.

Caroline said...

As usual, fanflippintastic - you are a very clever lady, Mrs Oliver.....

Helen & Co. said...

This is great! Thanks for so many photos, so we can get the hang of it

All Pink girl said...

This is brilliant ,great idea ,thanks for the step by step photo's ,you are very talented ,Dawnx

Craft Fairy said...

This is an amazing piece of work. So well photographed too. Thanks for sharing.

FuzzyFolk said...

I love the idea of this blog!

Keep it up and thanks for sharing!